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Protection Against Kidnap, Phone Theft And Data Recovery in Nigeria, Download Efphonetaxi App Now (See How)



Revealed! How to Download the Latest anti-kidnapping, Phone Anti-Theft and Data Recovery App for protection

The news that an app has been developed to halt phone theft in Nigeria could give many who had the bitter experience of phone snatch, theft, or even data manipulation, a new lease of hope.

The loss of phone characterized by the pain of accessing the content, contacts, and record stored on them along with hardship if replacing the phone can now be redeemed by the app named efphonetaxi.

This is designed to recover stored information and lock the phone from unauthorized user. With an anti-kidnapping tool, it helps to track the kidnappers. Once installed via:, the owner of the phone could take control of the phone and contents on it remotely when de- possessed.

It simple to download, just visit and proceed to start get started, then click sign up which takes you to registration page.

After the registration, the system prompts you to download section. Note: Clear browser cookies for easy download and grant all permission requested by the app to enable it function properly. Once download is completed, helps you to protect your phone and loved ones.