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Phone Theft: Application To Block Stolen Handsets And How It Works (Photos)



Mobile phone theft is a common thing and can happen to anyone irrespective of creed, status or race and most people do not realise just how common it is.

According to a recent report, over 446,000 handsets are stolen yearly, which is a staggering estimate of over 1,222 per day.

But with the mobile application developed by Nigeria’s E.F. Network Ltd, phones can now be rendered unusable by thieves and thus curb theft or resale of mobile phones and other gadgets.

The application named ‘ephonetaxi’ helps to lock out unauthorised use of the phone, making it unusable and unsellable,” while protecting phone owners and the information stored on their phones from being compromised in the event of a phone theft.

Other feature of the APP is that “it retrieve and send user’s stored contents to their email while “It also locks the phone, prevents either unauthorised access to stored pictures, videos, messages, or contacts of the phone owner.

“The APP also alerts the phone owner of any change in SIM card, monitors, and tracks the phone location including taking pictures of criminals in possession of the phone and sending the pictures to the email address of the owner,”.

Below are step by step illustrations of how the APP works: