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Pastor who predicted Abba Kyari’s death, warns Buhari, predicts more death



The cleric who predicted the death of a senior official in Aso-rock, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has issued a strong warning to the Muhammadu Buhari administration, urging them to relax the current lockdown put in place to curb the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Ayodele, in an interview on January 2, predicted the COVID 19 pandemic alongside drama and death in Aso Rock this year.

He also warned that many rich people, particularly those who diverted the nation’s wealth for personal use, will die of the disease. On page 47, of his yearly book of prophecies, Warnings to the Nation’s, 2018/2019 edition, the cleric had warned: “The spirit of God says that we should pray to rebuke all forms of tension in the Aso Rock Villa, and let the President pray not to lose any of his aides.”

 “l foresee hunger and anger during Buhari’s second term.”

“Our economy will be terribly​ battered and Nigerians may suffer seriously. This COVID-19 will not go either today or tomorrow. If care is not taken it may extend till next year.

More prominent people will still die of the Virus, but God may still avert these imminent calamities if our government urgently take certain steps: one is to relax the ongoing lockdown to 6 pm to 7 am. Two is to allow our churches to hold services, praise and pray to God but under the strict adherence to measures out in place by the World Health Organisation (WHO).​”

“Three, our rich men should stop donating monies directly into the covers of government. They should give direct to the people, although, such exercise should be super used by government agencies. Giving monies to the government directly will lead to a situation where such monies will be in the hands of a few individuals who will divert the money for their personal use.”

Ayodele also stated that only God knows when the Pandemic will end, adding that a lot of Government secrets will be exposed during this pandemic.  He added that the government should not extend the lockdown beyond April 27th.

“There is already too much anger in the land, and so, the government should not allow the lockdown beyond April 27, if the government fails to do this, the people will Revolt.

“There will be protests and deviance by the people so we urge the government to be very conscious of this,” he stated.