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Fulani Massacre In Benue State Leaves Many Dead (Graphic Photos)



Armed Fulani herdsmen attacked Ayilamo and Mahanga(Mobile Barracks)settlements at about 10:08 P.M. on Tuesday night killing scores and leaving some with degrees of bullet wounds.

The number and names of casualties discovered as at the time of filing this report indicated thus:

Those killed:

  1. Ayev Jôgunô(Mbavihi—Mbazar)
  2. Faiga Mwuese Apefan(a k.a. Sixteen Sixteen)(Mbazar)
  3. Msendoo Tertese Vaachia(Mbagum)
  4. James Mhen Nyerga Iorliam(Tse-Ihyôôn—Iwendyer)
  5. Orgbee Mnguerorga(Tse-Nyajo—Mbaiwem)

Those injured were:

  1. Mrs Mngohol Igbalumun Utile(Mbaidyo)
  2. Mr Vershima Usange Meeme(Saghev—Nongov)
  3. Mrs Terpase Nyerga(Tse-Ihyôôn—Iwendyer).

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