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Dengue Fever kills 14 in Nicaragua



With the death of two minors in recent hours, the number of dead due to dengue fever has risen to 14 in Nicaragua.

The Ministry of Health in a release said the two children, a girl and a boy, died on Friday as a result of the ailment that keeps the country under epidemiological alert.

On August 21, a nine-year-old child was admitted into hospital in very serious conditions and treated in the intensive care unit of the Fernando Velez Paiz Hospital with high fever and reduced blood pressure.

Two days later, on August 23, the boy suffered a cardio-respiratory stroke, the ministry’s report details, adding the girl had been hospitalized on August 22 with vomiting, abdominal pain, reduced blood pressure and bleeding. She was declared dead on August 23 after suffering cardio-respiratory failure.

Both gave positive to dengue lab tests, and thus raising the number of dead to 14 due to the disease so far this year.

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