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Witchcraft conference holds in UNN despite protests even as organizers reveal benefit in it for Nigeria



The witchcraft conference has commenced in Nsukka and the organisers have given reasons why it would benefit Nigeria.

The controversial witchcraft would help investigate and critically evaluate the belief in witchcraft to find out what impact it has on the Nigerian society.

This was disclosed by Egodi Uchendu, a professor of history and international studies and head of B.I.C Ijomah Centre for Policy Studies and Research, University of Nigeria, Nsukka in her welcome remarks, said “Apart from rumours about witchcraft, can we intelligently discuss the phenomenon of witchcraft? Can we delineate its evolving dynamics, especially in regard to human and societal development, along with what belief in witchcraft would symbolize for civilians, the military, politicians, scholars and others.

The conference Prof Uchendu, said seeks to ‘determine amongst other things the intelligibility of witchcraft’, the principles that underpin it and the impact it has on human life, society and progress,”.

Going further, she pointed out that even some states are using charms and charmers to fight Boko Haram while the chief of Army staff even said that Boko Haram and the likes cannot be defeated by kinetic military warfare alone. She added Nigerians have for too long talked about witchcraft as an issue, and yet it has persisted, even as people pray against witches and wizards. “The fact that this matter has persisted in our society up to the present day is evidence that the strategy of prayer, alone, is not enough to combat the challenges of belief in witchcraft,” she said.

The proposed two-day conference on witchcraft had commenced and the opening prayer was said by Innocent Enweh a Catholic priest, the event started with reading of Bible passages alongside the prayer, after which the choir of Christ Church chapel, a church located in the university, rendered the opening hymn.

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