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Two mighty snakes attack owner trying to carry their 251 Eggs (Photos/video)



Two giant snakes weighing at least 250 pounds and 30ft long were somewhat nice at first but things started turning ugly when the owner attempts to carry their eggs and babies. 

According to the owner, sometimes things get a little wild working with snakes.

“They are beautiful and great snakes said their owner. But that doesn’t mean they don’t get a little crazy when it comes to their eggs, after all natural instincts are just that, “Unfortunately I can’t tell them that all I want to do is make sure their eggs will have the best chance of survival using a modern day incubator” said their owner. 

“Most of the time people don’t understand why they lay so many eggs in the first place. ️Usually You’re going to tell the success rate of survival by how many offspring animals have annually like the ️elephants have one baby about every 5 years ,african driver ants have 3 to 4 million babies per year and pythons can lay up to 100 eggs in a year” their owner explained.

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