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Toyin Lawani warns old men off her 14-year-old daughter (see why)



Toyin Lawani has posted the Direct Messages some old men are sending to her 14 year old daughter, Tiannah.

The serial entrepreneur said some perverts believe her daughter is the one running the Instagram page she opened in her name and have been sending her some messages saying they want to get to know her some more.

Posting screenshots of the DMs the men sent to her daughter, the single mum of 2 wrote;

“I will call All these Pages out for now, There Are loads of them In my 14 year old Daughters dm ? @liltiannah , this will teach you A lesson you won’t forget .

I think you people don’t realize that I’m not stupid, I won’t let any of my kids have Access to social media till they Are 18, they all have managers running their pages.

See parents we have to be extremely careful, this Are grown Ass men , this is so disgusting, disappointing ,disgraceful to this nation, if this uncles are caught they should cut their dicks off, oh Maybe you don’t know I’m an extremely strict mom.

I don’t take nonsense Oo, forget social media ,it’s a market place , we are all selling an illusion, I will personally trick you ,hv the police trace you and pick you up, if you try this shit with my child again , plus publicly disgrace u.

Who does this in a 14year olds dm?she’s busy studying Abroad awon oloribuku , thinking I won’t protect my kids from all this worlds madness , what will she be looking for on social media.

I’m only building those pages up for them for future , parents pls if you are still making this mistake and letting your kids have access to social media pls cut it off ASAP ,there are too many mad people out there . They will trick our kids and lure them .Pls beware”

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