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Tanzanian President ask if goats, pawpaws can be quarantined after they tested positive for Coronavirus



​Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli shocked residents after he revealed that pawpaws and goats had tested positive for the deadly coronavirus.

Magufuli, who was addressing a congregation on Sunday, expressed his disappointment of the country’s National Referral Laboratory for what he termed as failure to be keen when doing the tests.

“We noticed that they were producing so many positive results and I asked the security officials to go and conduct an investigation of what was really going on. I suspected it could have been sabotage (to declare many positive results because this is a political war)” Magufuli said.

He went ahead to illustrate how they tricked the national laboratory by bringing in different samples of fruits and animals which were marked as human samples to confirm his assertions.

“We took samples of goats, sheep, pawpaws, car oil among other things and we took them to the laboratory without their knowledge. The car oil, for instance, we marked it with a male name of Zamsa who is 30-years-old and – this turned out negative.”

“However, when we took the sample of pawpaw and marked it ‘Elizabeth Ane, female, 26-year-old’, the results came out positive for coronavirus.
This was same for birds and goats samples among other items,” an enraged Magufuli said, asking “Are we now supposed to quarantine goats and fruits?”.

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