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Sister Act 3 Officially Heading To Disney



Whoopi Goldberg will be rocking her nun’s habit once again as we check in with the legend that is Deloris Wilson (aka Sister Mary Clarence) in the highly-anticipated sequel.

We last saw the 65-year-old character’s leading a choir during 1993’s Sister Act 2:Back in the Habit, and she creates with a new bunch of characters.

The original Sister Act saw Deloris give up her glittering job as a lounge singer and go into witness protection after witnessing a vicious murder. 

Police bosses decided to place her in the last place anyone would expect her to be found – a strict convent where she is disguised as a nun.

Hilarity ensued as Deloris befriended many of her fellow nuns, helping to rearrange the choir to make them better singers – and gaining notoriety for their amazing gospel choir performances in the process.

Then the sequel saw Deloris work her magic on rowdy students at St. Francis Academy and transform them into an iconic choir.

Time will tell if the third film sees Deloris tranform yet another choir.

There is no release date just yet but the film will debut on Disney Plus.

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