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By DIGC  21 January 2020

‘To act like a boss is to end in the box’; to struggle for status is to end as a statue.

A boss is simply a person who oversees and directs the work of others.

But there is what is called, ‘The Boss Mentality.’ The Boss mentality in this context is the mentality given to pomposity, arrogance and domineering disposition that is bankrupt of humility. It is the point where a person feels there is none like him and no one can advise him anymore. The ‘Boss Mentality’ is a syndrome in our generation that has brought many people down from the ‘boss’ position into the ‘box realm’ thereby fueling their eventual crash in life.

Nebuchadnezzar, for instance, crashed out of his throne on the platform of pride. Daniel 4:30-37.

Please take note of this: To avoid the crash of destiny, you have to refuse the ‘Boss mentality.’ It was Bishop Abioye who aptly said: “To act like a boss is to end in the box.”

The truth is, the struggle for status or titles many times is the reason for a bossy lifestyle. And to struggle for status is to end as a statue. Don’t struggle for titles; rather, struggle for task; there is no entitlement in titles but in the task.

Beloved, the ‘boss mentality’ according to God’s servant, Bishop Oyedepo, is a limiting mentality. It is a plastic and not an elastic mentality; it is a mentality that seeks to use, mis-value and undervalue people. Such mentality has no future either with God or with people.

REMEMBER THIS:‘To act like a boss is to end in the box’; to struggle for status is to end as a statue.


1. Repent of any bossy lifestyle you may have exhibited before now.

2. Discard the ‘boss mentality’ from your life.

3. Treat people well including those who work under you.

For Further Understanding, Get This Message: Workplace and Career Wisdom Part 2

PRAYER: Lord,I ask for mercy in any area I might have displayed the ‘boss mentality.’ Grant me the grace to treat people with respect, including those who work under me. Impart me with the spirit of humility, Lord, Jesus’ Name.

DAILY READING: Leviticus 11-14

QUOTE:Humility is the foundation for authority. Culled from ‘365 Wisdom Capsules’ by Dr Paul Enenche.

AMAZING FACT: Limits of the universe have never been discovered. But as large as it is, the God that we serve is bigger. The heaven declares the glory of God because the vastness of the heaven declares the vastness of our God.

DON’T FORGET TO ATTEND: The Power Communion Service tomorrow with your friends and loved ones for the preservation of your lives and destinies by 6:00pm at the Glory Dome. God bless you as you come.  

Prophetic declaration: Receive the grace to be humble all the time in Jesus’ Name.

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