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Restaurant serves new menu of COVID Curry, Mask Naan ( Photos)



A restaurant in Jodhpur has infused creativity in its menu by adding COVID-19-themed dishes.

The Vedic restaurant here is serving new and unique “COVID Curry” and “Mask Naan” to its customers.

The COVID Curry is basically “malai kofta” made in the shape of the COVID-19 while the ‘Mask Naan’ is a facemask-shaped naan.

Restaurant’s owner, Anil Kumar says these two new dishes are his brainchild.

“The curry is a variation of malai kofta in which the kofta has been made with various spices and the butter naan has been made in the shape of a mask,” said Kumar.

“The time is such that people get attracted only if you try something new. So, we have added corona to our menu so that people like it and somehow learn to live with coronavirus as well,” he added.

He further added that his restaurant is ensuring proper social distancing and sanitisation norms. Customers here have been instructed to sit on alternate tables, moreover, this restaurant has a digital menu now in order to avoid touching the menu cards.

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