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Reactions as actor Kevin Ikeduba say “God has left Nigeria” (Posts/video)



Nollywood bad boy actor, Kevin Ikeduba recently left social media buzzing with reactions following his recent statement online.

The actor during a live Instagram session, claimed that God has left Nigeria According to him, God can answer individual prayers but as for Nigeria as a country, God has since left the country. Explaining his reasons for saying that, he stated that Nigeria has the most influential pastors and Islamic clerics in the world, the country also has the biggest worship centers.

“God does not recognize Nigeria as a country, God recognizes the individuals. God left this country a long time ago. We have the richest pastors and alfas in the world. We are the country that goes to mosque Friday to Friday. We are the only country that goes to church Monday to Monday. Na we dey do fasting, na we dey do everything. But look at our country, so who have they been praying to you.” He also spoke about China which is the fastest developing country in the world having only 1% of Christians and Muslims. According to him, the rest of the nation consist of people who don’t believe in God yet they are successful.

Not so many people agreed with his logic. According to some, God is omnipresent and therefore cannot leave Nigeria.

They reasoned that just because Nigeria has bad leaders doesn’t mean God has abandoned the country.

See reactions:

shop.nandra: “Shey he doesn’t know God is Omnipresent ni” abeyjunior: “So God is with those countries that there people dying like chickens, get wisdom Mr Man, we experiencing bad leadership doesn’t mean God left us. God is everywhere.” olumide_babs: “Even a baby born yesterday already knows for a fact He left since 1960” chizom1: “I don’t think he left, I feel he is somewhere watching us waiting to intervene at the right time.” indaboski_bahoseh: “We need to quarantine you oga. See your head like bicycle seat.” yippeehublogistics: “God is everywhere let’s do what’s right, direct the aggression to our leaders instead of expecting God to fight for us like babies” iam_adelajaice: “Actually he is speaking sense… that’s if u decide to recognize the sense ni ooo”
first_alexx: “Sorry o…assistant angel Gabriel…minister of Heaven affairs”