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R. Kelly longtime girlfriend Joycelyn Savage’s mug shot after fight with ex rival Azriel Clary



Here’s R. Kelly’s longtime girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, pouting and looking super sad moments after her arrest for allegedly beating up his now ex-GF, Azriel Clary.

Joycelyn’s mug shot, taken by Chicago PD, when she turned herself in to be booked for misdemeanor battery.

Joycelyn and Azriel got into an all-out brawl last week at R. Kelly’s Trump Tower condo in downtown Chicago.

In the video of the melee … you see Joycelyn and Azriel punching and screaming at each other as they went at it in the hallway outside R. Kelly’s condo. Joycelyn was in a black sweater and, at one point, Azriel — in a lighter-colored sweater — drags Joycelyn by her hair.

During the fight, Azriel alleged, on video, Joycelyn had sex with her while she was still a minor. It’s still unclear if Clary plans to take legal action against Savage.

The fight video seems to show Azriel doing most of the ass-kicking, but still, Joycelyn was the only one who ended up posing for cops.

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