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Porridge Yam ( photos)



This is the season when yams are being harvested and for that , i will give a recipe for a delicious pot of yam porridge.

It is one of the most easy to make Nigerian foods which can be easily jazzed up to suit your taste.

One is the everyday porridge you make in your home with fresh tomatoes, pepper, salt maggi, the type you buy in posh restaurants.


A tuber of yam ( peel and slice to moderate sizes).

Half cup of ground crayfish

Two cube of seasoning

5cl of palm oil

Five to ten balls of ripe tomatoes

Tatashe to taste

Two bulb of onions

Half Kg of Chicken or fish/ pomo ( cow skin)

Salt to taste


Peel the yam, slice to serve-able sizes, wash and set aside.

Slice or grind the tomatoes, fresh pepper and a cup of crayfish and onions

Parboil the chicken for about fifteen minutes and remove the bones and shred ( if you are using chicken), if you are using fish, just wash and debone the fish ( combine chicken and pomo or fish and pomo)

Pour about ten cl of palm oil into a cooking pot, allow to heat and bleach a little (about two minutes).

Fry the ground tomatoes/pepper for five to ten minutes, add water and transfer the yam. I use palm oil to fry the tomatoes while making porridge yam, add water so that the yam pieces are almost submerged in water (but not completely submerged). Allow to boil then add the chicken, crayfish, a cube, salt and allow to cook for the next ten to fifteen minutes.

You can pierce with a cooking fork to know if the yam is soft enough for consumption. You can add vegetable; it is very nice for porridge yam and for health benefit.

Cook for another three to five minutes and you can serve.


I sometimes add a little bit of stew to mind or use the local locust bean of okpehe from the Idoma people of Benue State if i want the local touch.

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