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Netflix confirms interest in deal with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle



Netflix’s chief content officer has said the streaming giant would be interested in working with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Harry and Meghan have walked away from the monarchy and, in an unprecedented statement, said they will “no longer formally represent the Queen” .

The couple will stop carrying out royal duties from the spring and also  will stop using HRH , along with repaying the taxpayers’ millions spent on their home .

The move means Harry and Meghan are free to strike lucrative contracts and experts have speculated they could soon follow in the footsteps of their friends Barack and Michelle Obama.

The Obamas agreed a production deal with Netflix to make TV and film projects and now Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer, has said he would be interested in working with the soon-to-be former royals.

Speaking at an event in Los Angeles, he said: “Who wouldn’t be interested? Yes, sure.”

Following the Sussexes’ bombshell announcement that they would be standing back from royal duties, it was reported Meghan had already signed a voiceover deal with Disney in return for a donation to an elephant charity.

And last week video emerged of Harry highlighting his wife’s talents to Disney chief executive Robert Iger during the European premiere of The Lion King in July.

Harry and Meghan are likely to be highly sought after in whichever field they enter.

Former Suits actress Meghan’s combination of royalty and Hollywood glamour means she will not be short of offers should she choose to follow the Obamas or the Clintons in writing a memoir, or about topics she is passionate about such as women’s empowerment.

For Harry, it has been predicted the lecture circuit would give him a chance to share his experience of travelling the world, while his time in the military means he is no stranger to leading others.