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Mozambique Families To Be Resettled Due To Displacement By As Buffaloes, crocodiles



Mozambique government in is resettling people affected by wildlife attacks.

More than 1,000 families are set to be displaced in central Mozambique following attacks by wild animals.

The head of the local administration in Marromeu district in Sofala province said the local government would transfer 1,500 families threatened by the attacks.

Henriqueta de Rosário said authorities had recorded the deaths of three people from attacks by wildlife in the first quarter of this year.

Buffaloes from the Marromeu Special Reserve in the Zambezi river delta have invaded residential areas, forcing the population to move to the river islands.

However, as they seek refuge on the islands, they face the threat of crocodile attacks.

“The conflict between man and wildlife is a growing reality” said Ms Rosário, adding that many people were threatened.

She said that at least 400 people had already signed up for a voluntary resettlement initiative to leave the area.

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