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Man killed by wife who squeezed his private part in Edo state



A woman has been arrested by the Edo State Police Command for allegedly killing her husband by squeezing his male member until he passed out.

The suspect, whose name has been given as Eki Ekhator, reportedly got into a quarrel with her husband after accusing him of infidelity when he got home late.

 The woman according to reports always gets into a fight with her husband whenever he returns home late.

On that fateful day, the deceased slapped his wife when their usual quarrel began and she responded by reaching for his trousers to squeeze his penis and testicles until he collapsed at their home in Ukhiri community, Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area, Edo State.

The man was later confirmed dead at the hospital.

When the woman was arrested, she blamed her actions on the devil.

Men of the Homicide Department in the Edo State Police Command are said to be investigating the incident.