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LASTMA official found dangling on billboard causes gridlock



A LASTMA official was on Saturday seen on a Lagos billboard dangling. Just as it is with a bad occurrence, the scene did not delay attracting a crowd with their smartphones ready to capture the event.

 The crowd resulted in gridlock as the movement of vehicles was obstructed. Officials of the Neighbourhood Safety Corps reportedly visited the scene of the incident to restore normalcy.

An eye witness, Abiodun Fakemi thought there was a snake when he saw people gathering around the mango tree close to the billboard until he moved closer to see it was a man’s body dangling. He said, “I was going to Salvation bus stop, and was on a bus when I saw a crowd looking at a mango tree. I thought there was a giant snake on the tree. I went closer and saw people taking pictures with their phones. Surprisingly, I saw the man dangling on the pole of a billboard with his tongue out. “I saw a spec used by motorcyclists in his pocket. I heard a highway sweeper say that the man was a LASTMA official.”

 When contacted, the General Manager of LASTMA, Olajide Oduyoye said the agency is not aware of the development; while expressing his shock at the news promised to investigate.

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