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Kathy,1st woman to walk in space becomes 1st to reach deepest part of sea



The first American woman to walk in space has achieved another feat by being the first woman to reach the deepest spot in the ocean.

Kathy Sullivan , 68, came out from a 35,810-foot dive to the Challenger Deep as confirmed by EYOS Expeditions, a company that was in charge of logistics of the mission.

With that, she has become the first woman to set both records. It should, however, be noted that the Challenger Deep is the lowest among the oceans across the globe, New York Times reports.

Kathy and Victor L Vescovo, who is an explorer funding the project, spent one and a half hours at their destination before they started to descend into the seabed after they had captured images of the ocean.

Kathy was part of the first set of astronauts that included women in 1984, making her the first American woman to walk in space. Kathy will, however, remain for a few more days.

She had a deep interest in the ocean before becoming an astronaut. She will be at sea for the next few days even after she had set the new record and completed a major part of her mission.

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