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I’m tired of married men chasing after me – Nigerian table tennis champion, Oshonaike



Former African table tennis champion, Olufunke Oshonaike, has decried the increasing rate at which she gets marriage proposals from married men.

Oshonaike, who made the outburst on Facebook, said she lost confidence in marriage after her previous relationships collapsed.

In one of her failed relationships, the sportswoman said she caught her boyfriend in bed with another girl, a day before her trip to the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, despite carrying a pregnancy.

Recently, her marriage with Kevin Irabor, who allegedly married another woman despite still being married to the Olympian, broke down after two boys.

The 44-year-old lamented “the sadness infidelity and unfaithfulness” caused her.

She said, “I went through depression. I was keeping lots of things to myself, not wanting people to know about me! So, I will never do to a woman like me what gave me sadness and what I ran away from.

“If your wife can stand you with committing adultery and cheating on her, that’s her own choice! I can’t stand a man that cheats again, never! I will continue to be alone than stand a man that cheats, lie and abusive!

I’ve been going through this since I was a teenager and I’m sick and tired of begging married men to please leave me alone! I don’t want any gifts or anything from you guys. Give those gifts to your wives! If you’re having problem with your wife, I’m not your option because I’m a woman like your wife!”

She also expressed displeasure over women who still gave room for married men to have relationships with them.

The veteran table tennis star added, “I know how it feels to be cheated on over and over again! I’ve chosen my sanity not to accept it again and not to go through that pain again. So, please women, let’s join hands together to shame those married men that cheat on their wives!

“To all those women dating married men, remember that what goes around comes around! Be rest assured that what you do to others, will be done to you one day! Please, I’m healing, I want to one day believe in that institution called marriage again!”

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