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Ethiopia Bodi Tribe Where Men With Biggest Belly Are Desired (Photos)



Bodi tribe fattening camp
In the Bodi Tribe (Ethiopia), the men with the biggest belly are most desired. The greater the abdominal volume, the more attractive they will be. But the preparation for the contest where the fattest is chosen is rather gruesome.

They drink fresh cow blood and fresh cow milk for 3-6 months in a bid to quickly become fat and be crowned the fattest man. During the Kael ceremony, the winner of the contest is measured and receives great fame by the tribe.

Women and girls bring them milk every morning in their quest for big gut glory.

The only prize for the winner is fame and the adulation of his fellow tribesmen. The women take care of the fat men: they give them alcohol, remove the sweat, and sing for them to keep them awake.

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