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COVID-19 death now over 250, 000 worldwide



The world has recorded over 250, 000 coronavirus related deaths.

Data compiled by Johns Hopkins University said the death toll passed 250,000 over the weekend and has been increasing by over 100,000 deaths since April 17, NAN reports.

The United States, US according to the statistics has 68,689 reported deaths which is followed by Italy with 29,079 deaths.

Also Britain has 28,809, and France with 25,204 recorded deaths.

China, which is recorded to have been the origin of the pandemic, has 4,637 deaths.

However, the statistics says public health experts have queried the credibility of death rates from Beijing.

There are more than 3,578,000 reported cases globally, with approximately 33 per cent of those cases in U.S.

The rising death toll comes as U.S. President Donald Trump has repeatedly revised upwards his estimates of how many Americans will die from the pandemic, from around 50,000 to nearing 100,000 people.

On March 11, the World Health Organisation declared the outbreak a global pandemic.

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