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Coronavirus scare! Supermodel Naomi Campbell turns up for flight in full hazmat suit, goggles, face mask and rubber gloves( See Photos/ post)



Naomi Campbell is not taking chances as the coronavirus pandemic worsens.

The supermodel arrived for her flight in a full hazmat suit, goggles, face mask and rubber gloves.

 Very sensitive about.her health, last year July, before the coronavirus became an epidemic, Naomi did a video showing how she sanitizes everything when she gets on a plane. The video was filmed during her trip to Doha, Qatar, and showed her wiping down her seat area in the plane with disinfectant wipes while donning rubber gloves.  She then spread a bright pink seat cover on her seat, before finally settling down in her seat and covering her mouth with a black face mask to avoid getting infected by people “coughing and sneezing” on the flight.  

With coronavirus now infecting and killing people all over the world, the supermodel, 49, is taking extra precaution to stay safe.

“Safety First NEXT LEVEL,” she captioned a post on Twitter.

She has also teased that a new video showing her latest sanitising routine will be uploaded on her YouTube channel soon.