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Blind lovers weds despite contrary against advice of friends



A 52-year-old visually impaired man, Taiwo Edekere, recently tied the knot with his 43-yearold heartthrob, also visually-challenged Grace Taiwo, at the Makurdi Registry, Benue state.

In an interview with Daily Trust, the couple spoke about the journey of their love and how they got married against the advice of many people. “I love her so much because I noticed that she always had soothing words whenever I’m in any kind of problem. When I noticed some special qualities in her, I started wooing her,” Edekere said.

 Narrating how he lost his vision and where their paths as lovers crossed, Edekere, recalled, “I work with the Ministry of Education in Ekiti State as a teacher at the Government Special School for the Blind. I’m from Edo State. I was born on July 5, 1968. I became blind in 1998. I went to St. Mathias Catholic School Lagos after which I proceeded to Government College, Osborn Road in Ikoyi Lagos. I worked with the Nigerian International Bank, Victoria Island, Lagos, and thereafter put in for my ICAN course. It was in the process of becoming a chartered accountant that I became blind.

 After I became blind, I went for rehabilitation at the Oshodi Special School for the Blind where I was rehabilitated and trained in Vocational Training. I was later employed as an instructor at the Government Special School for the Blind, Ekiti State, in 2008. That is where I work till date.”

Edekere, an indigene of Edo State, and his Idoma wife, Grace, met in 2018 at the Special School for the Blind in Ekiti State where they are both teachers.

Speaking on how he met his wife, he had this to say: “I met my wife after she was posted here as an N-Power staff in 2018. I got attracted when I found out that she’s an educated lady and a good woman who can support me. I so much love her because I noticed that she always had soothing words for me whenever I have a problem. When I noticed all these qualities in her, I started wooing her in a bid to marry her.”

Speaking of the challenges their love faced, he said: “As a blind person, it is not easy to get a wife or husband. I told her I was ready to marry her. It took her about eight months to accept my proposal. It was a tug of war because after I proposed to her, some people rose up against our relationship.

 “Those same people who were telling her not to marry me were the same people who came from behind and were introducing another lady to me. When she got to know about it, she now said, if their person is qualified to marry me, then she too is qualified to marry me. It was at that point that she made up her mind to accept my marriage proposal,” Edekere added.

Edekere, who admitted that two visually challenged people coming together in a marriage would never be an easy task, however posited that part of their training in school had already equipped them on how to do domestic work unaided and independently. In fact, in the school where we work, some of our colleagues here are married to their blind counterparts. So, it’s not something so difficult or new.” On her part, Grace said, “When the battle was hot, I turned down his proposal but when I discovered that those discouraging me from accepting his proposal were in turn suggesting another lady for him to marry, I accepted his proposal.” “What made me accept his proposal was the fact that the same people who did not want us to get married were suggesting other girls for him to marry. I saw envy in all of that and then decided to marry him. I love him because he’s an unapologetic giver, honest, a man of his words and also God fearing.” Grace advised fellow visually impaired ladies who are not married to toe her path since they have already been trained to cope with their disability so that life can be enjoyable for them because the only thing some men do to blind women is to impregnate and then abandon them in their parent’s houses.

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