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Biden Extends Lead With 264 Electoral Votes As Against Trump’s 214 Of Popular Votes



Hopes of being victory and another stint in the white house for embattled US President Donald Trump have faded, with Democratic candidate Joe Biden extending his lead as the vote count nears the end.

Even with counting stalled in as if Wednesday night of Biden had won 264 electoral votes – needing only 16 to hit the 270 needed for victory. He had also won 72,115,841 (50.35%) of the popular votes.

Trump trailed with 214 electoral votes and 68,774,585 or 48.02% of popular votes.

Voting has closed in the United States and all eyes are on the count in key states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina to decide the race for the White House.

Michigan, an important swing state, has been called for Biden by the Associated Press.

Addressing supporters, Biden said he “believes” he will win. He flipped Arizona and Wisconsin, while taking California, Washington, New York and Illinois.

Trump claimed victory prematurely and has continued to insist without facts that ballots counted after Election Day signal voter fraud. He takes Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Missouri and Texas.

But the US president had vowed to challenge the result of the hotly contested presidential poll at the Supreme Court.