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Ariana Grande falls on stage while performing in monstrous heels( Photos/video)



The singer was strutting on stage in Tampa, Florida, on Sunday, November 24, when her boots gave way and lossing her balance, landed on her knees.

But Ariana Grande made the fall stylish as she fell to the tune of her own song and got applause from the crowd.

Rather than let it keep her down, Ariana burst out laughing as she was helped up by one of her male dancers and placed back on stage.

According to Tampa Bay Times, Ariana addressed the crowd after the fall, saying: “Thank you for making me feel loved when I fell earlier. I had to fall. It’s been 87 shows and I haven’t fallen yet, so it had to happen.”

She later took to Twitter to react to a video of her fall, writing: “oh my. at least i still made the button. i’m crying. things were going too well.”

Watch the video: