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Abacha’s son laments airport scrutiny, says “I’m always harassed whenever I’m going out or coming into the country”



Sadiq Abacha, the son of former military head of state of Nigeria, General Sani Abacha, has cried out over the excessive scrutiny he’s subjected to whenever he travels because of the family he’s from.

While speaking to BBC Hausa on Wednesday, June 10, Sadiq said that even though a travel ban on the Abachas has been lifted since Yar’adua’s presidency, members of the late General Sani Abacha family are still harassed whenever they travel in and out of the country.

“We went to the security agency, they even gave us a clearance paper. But even before this lockdown that I travelled to Dubai, I was still interrogated at the Airport,” he said.

Sadiq was asked how his family feels about the millions his father allegedly stashed in foreign vaults and he replied that the reports are disturbing.

“We hear the report just as others used to hear. But there are reasons why the money was kept … there are some politicians. Definitely, I’m not happy,” he said.

Asked about the Abacha family’s relationship with the families of other surviving Nigerian leaders, Sadiq Abacha said that the family of Ibrahim babangida, and to some extent that of President Muhammadu Buhari, are the only ones who make efforts to maintain a relationship with them.

“We relate well with the Babangida family, ” he said.

He added, “Most of my father’s friends abandoned us after my father’s demise.

“Our present relationship with some of our late father’s friends is surprising. We exchange pleasantries with the family of General Babangida. We are in good terms.

“It is only with members of the Babangida family that whenever we meet, we associate and share stories.

“We also relate well, with family members of President Muhammadu Buhari. But it’s only with the Babangida’s that we recall the past.

“When Yayale Ahmed was Secretary of the Government of the Federation, he helped us and the travel ban on our family was lifted.”

“But up till date, I’m always interrogated at the airports anytime I’m travelling. They always say our names are still in the black book.

“We’ve been to the security agency and they have issued us with a clearance paper. That our names have been removed from the black book.

“But nothing has changed. I’m always harassed whenever I’m going out or coming into the country. I don’t know where to go and be listened to. It should’ve been a security agency, but I was there.

“Nothing has changed. Even recently, before this lockdown, I was interrogated when I returned from Dubai,” he said.

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