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Poll show Lagosians want another Coronavirus lockdown imposed (Result)



Lagos state is may be considering reintroducing it again since it has not only been recording new cases on a daily basis but also topping the chart.

The compliance with the measures put in place after the lockdown has also not been followed as it should by many of the state’s residents.

Lagos has 2,099 confirmed cases, 1,525 active cases, 541 recoveries and 33 deaths.

Considering the level of compliance with the preventive measures so far, the state government is conducting a poll on Twitter asking residents whether another lockdown should be imposed or not.

Though the poll is still ongoing, the current result at the time of this report shows the majority of the respondents, 48.8%, want another lockdown to be imposed while 40.8% do not want another lockdown. Ten percent (10%) of the respondents are neutral. As the margin of difference between those who want the lockdown to be imposed and those who do not (8%) is below that of those who are neutral (10%), the poll remains tight and shows how divided Lagosians are on the issue.

About 78,726 people have so far voted in the poll.

The state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu had warned that he will impose another lockdown on the state if residents continue to violate guidelines on social distancing.

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