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Man pulls out dead moth from blocked ear (Photos)



People have been left horrified after someone shared the results of their attempts to remove an ‘earwax blockage’ which had been bugging them for days.

The anonymous person explains they were woken up in the middle of the night and immediately felt something was wrong with their left ear.

It was not painful but it caused a ‘loud crackling noise’ every few seconds, which they had never experienced with a build up of earwax previously.

They put a cotton pad with a bit of olive oil in the ear to soften the wax, and the crackling noise was replaced with ‘soft ticking sounds’ which made it difficult to sleep, but eventually they managed to nod off again.

The next morning the sounds were gone but the blockage remained, so they spent the next few days attempting to remove it themsevles.

They gently put water in their ear, tried again to soften the wax with oil, and even resorted to using tweezers – which they say they know they shouldn’t have done, as it can cause serious damage.

“I was once again stupidly poking around with tweezers inside my ear, when I finally managed to grab the earwax. Excited, I took it out and wanted to look at what my ear had just birthed.

They shared a photo of the real moth which had been in their ear for half a week

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