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FCT Minister releases guideline for reopening of churches, mosques in Abuja



The Federal Capital Territory Administration, FCTA, has issued guidelines for reopening of worship centres across the capital city.

Minister of FCT, Muhammed Bello in a meeting with the leadership of the Chritian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Abuja chapter and League of FCT Imams, said some protocols must be adhered to in worship centres.

Bello urged all to use the opportunity to pray fervently for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The guidelines are as follows.

”Worshippers must sanitize their hands before entry.Provision of temperature checks before entry.

“Mandatory use of facemasks.

“Churches and mosques within FCT must reduce the capacity of their facility to allow for physical distancing.

“Strongly discourage all close contacts including shaking hands, kissings, handing out materials, and sharing worship implements including prayer mats, musical organs, microphones etc

”Churches are to open from 5am and close by 8pm and each service shall be for a maximum of 1 hour with an interval of 30 mins in between services to allow time for disinfection;

”Mosques are to open 15 mins before Adhan and close 10 mins after prayers for the five prayers. Waiting period between Adhan and Iqamah should not be more than 10 minutes. Prayers are to be shortened to reduce duration of contact between congregations;

”For Friday prayers, mosques in the FCT are to open 20 minutes before prayers and close 20 minutes after prayers. Total time for Friday prayers including sermons should not exceed 1 hour.”

Bello further advised all residents of the FCT to take personal responsibility in ensuring strict compliance.

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